Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What a day with a 2 year old!

Today has been a VERY trying day! It started out a very good day with a very cute little 2 year old:
Then....it went South from there! This adorable little 2 year old poured his orange juice all over his breakfast. Notice I said poured, not spilled! So, he got no more breakfast. Then, I guess he was helping. He threw a glass into the sink causing it to break. But, hey, he was helping! Later that day, I was downstairs for like 5 minutes....really...5 minutes. I noticed that it was very, very quiet upstairs. I asked what he was doing. I heard a very small, "nothing". I went upstairs to find purple artwork in a variety of locations...the carpet, the doors, the tile, the toilet, the shower, the bathtub, the walls! So, this picture above is of the 2 year old "Bad Boy" in our house! Today has been a very interesting day!

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