Monday, September 24, 2012

Staying Home and Making Money

Since I have been a "stay at home mom", I have still wanted to make my own money.  My husband takes very good care of us, and I know I have value, I like the cash!  So, how do I make money with no official job?  Well, it seems these days, I have 5 jobs!  But, I LOVE it!!!!!

  • Most recently, I started working for a local drop-in day care.  My kids love it.  I make an hourly wage, and I get a huge discount on child care when I do drop the kids off to play.  And, they have a GREAT preschool!
  • I also train from time to time for the local community college and computer learning center.  If you have a talent, contact the colleges to see if they need teachers.  This is a great way to teach in the evenings and even weekends.
  • I have also been putting my IT skills to use with Elance and Guru.  These are websites for freelance professionals.  These sites are not only for IT professionals, but illustrators, voice over actors, designers, name it!
  • Finally, I sell specialty clothing (unique, vintage, plus size clothes and shoes for men and women) on ebay.  So, if you have anything you would like to sell, it is a great way to earn some extra cash.

There you have it.  I feel like I have a full-time job for sure.  Those are the ways I make some cash while cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the fam!

Please share your great ideas as well....How do you make money from home?