Thursday, February 23, 2012

One thing at a time!

So, I have about 20 more minutes of silence here at the house. My mind has been racing lately with ideas. I mean all kinds of

I need to focus! How do I do that?! I need to start one thing, finish it and see where it takes me. I am all over the place. Luckily, my husband just says, "that is a good idea" a lot. :) He is supportive even though I can be a NUT case!

I have an online resell boutique. I have clothes in a pile waiting to post. I sell Celadon Road products ( I need to dedicate time to that. I want to get my MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) certificate....

Our house is chaotically unorganized. It is getting better, but it is still a MESS! Time management has NEVER been one of my strong suits. Anyway, I just needed to get it out there that I'm struggling! Sitting here on the computer isn't helping! But, it feels good to purge a bit even if it is from my mind and not from my piles of stuff!

Stay tuned for the next great idea! :)

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