Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Locked out!

I went outside to get Christmas decorations out of the garage. The two year old came with me...While getting the boxes, I heard the sound of the door closing and the lock locking! I went to the door, asked the little booger to open the door. He told me to do it and started crying! Needless to say, I couldn't do it!!!!! I told him to go upstairs and get his big brother. He said o.k. But, who knows what he was really doing or where he was really going. I had no idea!!!! A 7 year old upstairs and a 2 year old free in the house! My imagination was racing! What would I find when I finally got in the house? I screamed, yelled and banged on the door for the 7 year old to let me in! Finally...after what felt like forever (probably really like 10 minutes), I was in! AAAAHHHHH! But now, the decorations are up, the kids didn't destroy the house like I imagined in the 10 minutes I was in the garage! So, life is good!

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